Monday, July 6, 2015

Christians - Oblivious to their own Contradictions

Scot M Sullivan refuted
How to Answer a Jesus Critic
I recently read something that I found quite amusing that I would like to share. I downloaded this little gem titled "How to Answer a Jesus Critic" by Scott Sullivan PhD.  for free, so I took a glance, and in no time at all I found a blatant contraction in BOLD lettering--in his second argument no less!!

 The so-called 'scholars' are attempting to 'shock and awe' the gullible into believing their propaganda, but it doesn't take long for anyone with a basic understanding of logic to see through their BS, which is quite evident these days. (Thank God for that!!)   Christians you see, are becoming anxious in the United States as their numbers are dwindling quite rapidly. Even they admit that once so-called 'Christians' enter college, 60-90% of them become unbelievers. Why, this is exactly what happened to me as well a long time ago, and I am quite pleased that the trend continues.

Despite that fact, the die hard Christian believers still think they can prove their god with logic, when they have no grasp of it themselves. Even the PhD's. How sad...:(  For them--not me. I find it quite amusing actually.

Here's an example of what I am talking about.

Below was cut and pasted directly from this book. See if you can spot the contradiction:

 “God doesn’t care which religion you believe.”
   Response: First of all, how do you know what God cares about? Has he told you? He didn’t
tell me. Where did you get this idea?
Secondly: it is impossible that all religions can be true, since they make contradictory
       So if one religion is true, then it follows that any other religion which contradicts the true one 
       must be false.        
       God being all-wise and loving, prefers that you believe truth over error.
   So if there is a true religion, clearly that is the one that God wants you to believe.
Finally, the God of the Bible certainly cares about which religion you believe.
     In the Old Testament the Jewish people were constantly warned not to worship
the gods of the pagans. Moreover, Jesus thinks it matters what religion you believe
     and said so on numerous occasions. For example, in Mark 16:15-16 Jesus said,
“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.
    Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be    
    condemned.  ”So Jesus certainly thinks it matters what you believe. 

 If you haven't spotted it yet, let me help you out.  In the first line of his response he tells us, how do you know what God cares about? Has he told you? He didn't me. Where did you get this idea?  To which I say, EXACTLY.  But that's not the point. The point I am making here is about what he says next.  Go down a few more lines and he tells us that:


So I would ask this so-called 'Christian scholar' exactly how he knows the god of the Bible cares about which religion I believe. How do you know what God cares about? Has he told you? He didn't tell me. Where did you get this idea?

It's bad enough that he is begging the question (a fallacy) when he concludes his religion is the one true religion without evidence and therefore argues that since his is the one true religion, all the others must be false--but to put such a blatant contradiction on the same page and expect no one to notice.--priceless.

I forgot just how much fun this is...  See you soon. I think I might just go over the entire book and give my 'review'. I can't stop laughing......

Addendum: I've taken a photo of that page with the link address and downloaded the book in case Mr. Sullivan realizes his errors and just eliminates the document and tries to pretend it never existed--which would be my advice...:).  And please, please DO NOT order the so-called 'logic' courses this non-expert is offering, as if this little book is any indication of the type of 'logic' he has to offer, you will be wasting your hard earned money.


Peter White said...

I have a copy of the free book so it will not disappear any time soon. I find the book very entertaining but I can't understand why he would be refuting the 10 worst arguments. Why not the 10 best?

A is for Atheist said...

Very good point and I agree. But since he can't argue what he claims are the worst arguments effectively, he would do far worse with any better ones.

M&M Kid said...

I'm not just a believer i'm a researcher....its unfortunate that there are those who DO NOT dot the research and have a misunderstanding of contextual and grammatical usage and then try to disprove ANYTHING...replying to the 2 comments 1st you are looking at the statement made by the Author in the wrong other words the wrong this case the author' about this particular person's post about the're telling me the only thing you could find that is wrong...or at least what you think is wrong with the book is...he presents no evidence of the counter to the "worst argument" where if you read the verse and apply it in context to the answers the "skeptic's" argument...yeah sure he just gave the one example but that does answer the state "God doesn't care what religion you believe". So your argument is unfounded in Logic and Reason...grammatically speaking of course...oh by the way just found book and doing research to see if what he says is's something for you to find out if you're really investigating...Who were the Bereans....ill be waiting ;)

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