Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Separation of Church and State?

Louisiana Voucher ProgramOne of my old professors, (and now my friend) sent this article my way--which, when I read, disappointed me immensely.  It seems some state governments in the United States are ignoring their own constitutions by offering poor students "vouchers" for private, mostly Bible based, schools.  This means, that some states (in this case, Louisiana) are using tax payer's money to fund schools that teach that dinosaurs roamed the earth with humans 6000 years ago--among other things.

We all should be appalled--in fact, we should be outraged that this is happening.  It sets the precedent that there are no standards for education, and that as long as you have enough money to back you, you can teach students that Leprechauns really do have a pot of gold, and at this school, we will teach you how to find it!!

No.  Instead, we should be focusing on teaching students critical thinking skills, so they can identify this type of hokum when they see it. But this is not what the government wants.  You see, if you teach people how to think, then they are more apt to see what is really going on.  Can you see it?  Can you see what is really going on?  Governments LOVE religion, because it keeps people in the "sheeple state"--they believe what they hear without thinking about why.  What governments fear are those that question why--and demand real answers.  This is what critical thinking skills gives us, and this is what governments want to avoid.  So now can you see why governments support creationist nonsense?  Ah yes---to keep the critical thinkers at bay. So those of us that can think, we need to do what we can to stop this nonsense in its tracks. 


Anonymous said...

I think our conservative national government may be up to some of the same same sort of things here. They are talking about lowering the MMP threshold from 5%. down to 4%, i'm picking as a way to help obtain more seats for support in government. This will allow the smaller parties to also get in. Such as those within the religious minorities. Many of these parties are lucky to get 3-4%

Governments love the idea of having religion around us . Even the romans understood full well that religion made for great bed-partners, in offer a way to help manipulate subdue in gaining control the masses. People are sort of taught that to become subdued and void of a questioning mind, is a way to help book yourself a place in heavenly afterlife.

Yet within this sort of mindset, governments can easily get involved in just steam rolling through all manner of things , many of which may even be detrimental to human survival in the long run. Plus it may even help to bring some real instability into government as well. As lots of other smaller mindsets may also then have better chances to get in to government, even if their best options to create changes, may rest around causing disruptions within government, as a way to try and barter for support of changes they may want to have pushed through.

But out national conservative government isn't even concerned about that. First off, they are concentrating on how they may gain more support of "retaining" their own government control. And then if that fails , then by also having a better ability to disrupt any other new government that may be voted in , may still end up with working in their own favour anyway.


Anonymous said...

Science has proven dinosaurs did roam the earth with humans like 15000 years ago. Anyway, it doesn't matter. You want the poor black kids to stay in the crappy inner city schools I guess, because big duh here dude, the vouchers aint for whitey. You're the man and you're holding my people down! Black folk have as much right to a decent private education as you racist whiteys.

A is for Atheist said...

@ Anonymous:

What these "vouchers" are akin to, are the residential schools that housed native children and beat them into submission (with an added dose of sexual abuse) Then they stripped them of their native gods and forced the Christian gods upon them--much like they did to the Africans during the slave days.

BTW--I am Cherokee/African American!!

You should think about what you wrote, and propose a better solution to the problem, instead of promoting the brainwashing of your people.

Anonymous said...

First of all, exactly where in the constitution does it say that the State can not be involved with Religion; seems to me its says that the State can not "Infringe upon" religion. With that regard perhaps you think the founders were not "thinkers". Next, I would hope that you are ware, unless all of your research is so biased, that students coming out of private and charter schools score significantly higher, on the average, on secondary and higher education test scores.... perhaps that's one reason why state governments agree to provide vouchers and not, as you say, simply because they want to brain wash them. I think it would serve you well to get your bias out of the way and do some more in depth research.

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