Saturday, June 18, 2011

So Who Is the Real Fool?

Christianity is not known for advocating knowledge, intelligence, logic, or reason--yet the bible frowns on fools as it makes claims such as the one below from Ecclesiastes many times.  How odd:
It is better to heed a wise man's rebuke than to listen to the song of fools. Ecc. 7:5
Furthermore, Yahweh himself vows to destroy the wisdom of the wise (1 Cor 1:19). In other words, Yahweh frowns upon knowledge, intelligence, logic and reason. That is quite the contradiction--and it does not stop there. According to the bible, Jesus is most likely burning in hell because he said:
"But anyone who says 'You fool!' will be in danger of the fire of hell." (Jesus) Mat 5:22
And then he said:

"You fools!" (Jesus) Luke 11:40
"You blind fools!" (Jesus) Mat 23:17
"How foolish you are" (Jesus) Luke 24:25

By inference, the authors are calling all believers and followers of Christianity fools by the fact that it was written in order to dupe such people--and it has done a fine job of it.  As I have illustrated above with regards to wisdom and foolishness, the bible is contradictory and inconsistent. The sheeple, however, are weak and trusting--and the church has had 2000 years of experience duping them into following blindly. How pathetically sad.

As Buddha said:

"A fool who knows his foolishness is wise at least to that extent, but a fool who thinks himself wise, is a fool indeed."
 I have to agree with the Buddha on that.  


ex-minister1 said...

"Reason should be destroyed in all Christians"

“Whoever wants to be a Christian should tear the eyes out of his Reason”

"The word and works of God is quite clear, that women were made either to be wives or prostitutes"

- Martin Luther, christian reformationist

A is for Atheist said...

@ ex minister

Awesome quotes! I couldn't agree more--especially about Christians "...tearing the eyes out of reason."

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