Thursday, May 9, 2013

It IS Possible to be Perfect!! - Jehovah's Witnesses Proved it Today

After a difficult year, we have decided to continue our efforts in promoting critical thought and exposing Christianity as a bane to civilization.  Walking the dog in this case couldn't have come at a better time.  As we walked the dog today, we happened upon a group of lively Jehovah's Witnesses, and we couldn't resist stopping to chat with them, which inspired us to create this post.  The conversation was very one-sided however, as all they could do was repeat their mantra "We are all born sinners!"

Let me explain how this came about, as what we pointed out to them is one of the BEST arguments against Christianity.  When we first happened upon them, they offered us a tract, as Jehovah's Witnesses so often do, and Tony took this as an opportunity to ask these lovely ladies whether or not it was possible to be perfect.  Now, most Christians (and others who are not Christian, but have been brainwashed by the Christian system into believing we, as humans are somehow born "imperfect") would say that no, it is NOT possible to be perfect.  But here's the trick.  Tony did not ask if it was possible to be perfect from the day we are born, he asked if it was possible to be perfect!  Note the difference.

What we mean by this, is that Christians believe it is not possible to be perfect--even just for a moment!  This means Christians believe they sin 24-7.  But is this the case?  We asked the lovely ladies if they had done anything, or thought anything "sinful" during the time we spoke with them, and they were reluctant to say anything, so Tony asked them if they were thinking "dirty thoughts" or had done anything evil in the few minutes we had been speaking with them, and they said "no."  So of course, Tony told them, that they proved it IS possible to be perfect, as they had been "perfect" and had committed no "sin" during their conversation with us!  This is when they began repeating their mantra, "We are all born sinners."  But of course, we had just proven them wrong, so we took their tract, and continued our walk--with smiles on our faces.

We glanced through the tract when we arrived home, and I had to laugh when I came across and interview with a retired environmental consultant who happened to be a Jehovah's Witness who was "convinced that life was designed by god."  Think about this for a moment, as this would mean God "designed" the lives of children who were molested, tortured, and starved to death--making him a sadist of epic proportions.  Surely--not a god worthy of worship, but a god worthy of contempt.


Anonymous said...

Ah....I love to read your posts because I think their funny! lol ... yes we are all indeed sinner we NEVER stop sinning. but think about it if a man sins of coarse the man would not want to share it to the public therefore could lie which is a sin AND in the bible it clearly states that their will be false prophets and so... until the signs that the bible tells me gonna happen I don't believe crap about what some person on the street says LOL ^^ and just because a person is not thinking something that does not mean they are not sinning they could sin in other ways such as the ladies sined by answering your question and questioning God.. ^^ bo yah score another point for da CHRISTIANS :D ahhh you atheists have such a funny way to thinking I love correcting you childish minds ;)

Anonymous said...

Sure, but we do not sin all the time, therefore we can be perfect even for a moment.

Anonymous said...

When you talk about Christianity, you are like a fish talking about what it means to live outside of water. You are not educated in the Bible, you have not lived as a Christian, you have no clue as to the heart or motivation of a Christian... It would be like an art teacher, with little knowledge of math talking about how silly calculus is. "The bane of civilization". Who comes to the rescue, first and last, during natural disasters? Christians. Who is feeding the poor, clothing the naked and on and on and on and on I could go with the answer, the Christian. Certainly not the atheist..... and you want to have these ridiculously petty arguments about things you don't understand... while Marxist, atheist societies kill 100s of millions of people. It takes a lot of faith to be an atheist.

A is for Atheist said...

@ Anonymous 3--If you had read my bio, you would have realized that no, I am NOT like a fish out of water, as I have taught religion at university level for 15 years. I was also a Christian myself for many years.
As for Christian altruism--many others have demonstrated altruism without any type of religious association. This is a red herring, as Christians have also been responsible for untold atrocities throughout history.

Furthermore, one can study and know things about trees, without being a tree. As Jesus would say, "We know a tree by the fruit it bears." Get it?

@anonymous 1 and 2--Thank you for illustrating what we are pointing out about the Christian claim that it is not possible to be perfect. As you illustrate, it leads to your view that, "...yes we are all indeed sinner we NEVER stop sinning." This is the Augustinian/Aquainian view that we are "innate sinners." But as Pelagius pointed out, this view promotes "moral laxity" when in fact, it is not the case that a person is sinning all the time! (24/7)

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