Friday, July 29, 2011

Michele Bachmann--Just Another Christian Trying to Pull the Wool Over the Eyes of the Sheeple

Religion and gods are tools--that have been used by kings, dictators, and governments for thousands of years in their efforts to gain more power and more control. With "god" on their side--how can they lose? Ironically, we all do.

God and politicians walk hand in hand with one another. They are both smoke screens however--used to dupe people into thinking a certain way, and like makeup and false eyelashes, they hide the truth. The latest politician to "walk with god" is Michelle Bachmann--a candidate for the office of the President of the United States. Politicians say and do what they must in order to gain voter confidence, and with the majority of Americans claiming to be Christian, she "fits right in." Michelle is a Christian, and claims to be one of the fundamentalist kind. You know, the kind that are supposed to "submit" to the husbands and all that. The kind of woman that believes the bible is inerrant, when the bible says that women are unclean chattel. The kind that believes a woman has no right to an abortion if she was raped, or her health is in danger. The kind that is a hypocrite if, as the bible tells us, the woman is not supposed to be the "head," but she thinks she can be "head of state." According to the bible, and the fundamentalist interpretation of it, she would still be subject to her husband as he has authority over her. Her husband would be the one making the decisions.

The above clearly illustrates the hypocrisy and duplicity of those who have visions of power and control, and are willing to do whatever it takes to make their visions a reality. They will manipulate the bible and use Humpty Dumpty semantics to make it mean whatever they want it to mean. Very similarly to what Eddie Long and the rest of the "preachers" do when they promote the "prosperity gospel"--when the bible states a rich man has as much chance of reaching heaven as a camel does of going through the eye of a needle. Hypocrisy is nothing new to clergy or politicians.

Most of Bachmann's followers will ignore her contradictory messages, and the hypocricy of her actions, and will focus on how she looks, and her "American values" instead. They will ignore the fact that she was a member of the Salem Lutheran Church in Stillwater until just before she began her presidential campaign, and had not even bothered to attend her church for over two years, yet she claims be "Christian." Of course she does, because the majority of Americans are "Christian," she'll say whatever she has to say in order to win. If the majority of Americans were Muslim, I am sure she would be wearing a Burkha instead of pearls and high heels, because she, like every politician before her, will say and do whatever it takes to win an election--whether it's true or not. Am I surprised? Of course not. Christianity promotes lying, cheating and fooling others, which is why politicians and their constituents love Christianity so much. It gives them an excuse to lie, cheat, and manipulate others.

Lying, cheating, and fooling others has been the way of the world for, oh, at least 2000 years now--ever since the dawn of a religion that promotes the idea we are all "born sinners" that cannot help but do the wrong thing. Instead of being told we are perfect, and we can choose to do the right thing, Christians have been told they cannot help but do the wrong thing--which results in politicians that do not tell the truth--among other things. This is where Jesus comes in handy. He's their fall guy, because for a Christian, it doesn't matter if they rape, kill, extort, or lie to their constituents--Jesus is there to take the fall for them. There are no consequences for believers as long as they "repent" so there is no motivation for them to stop lying, cheating, raping, etc. This is why, as long as there are Christians in America that run the country, there will be liars, cheaters, adulterers, murderers, etc. in office. It's been that way since the beginning, and I doubt it will change anytime soon. How unfortunate.

BTW--I am a woman, and this is not a rant against women in office. It is merely an observation of the hypocrisy of those who use religion for their own benefit.

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