Thursday, April 7, 2011

What does this Christian "Proof" of Crucifixion Actually Prove

The good Dr.'s in this video are telling us that when the Jews write,  they have a "tradition" of embellishment (the Jews have admitted this), i.e. MAKING IT UP AS THEY GO ALONG. The Dr. in this video claims exactly this, that they MADE UP stuff as they went along to suit their purposes!  However, he wants to say that this is "proof of" Jesus' crucifixion!!--aaaahhhh, yes, from people that make stuff up!!....:)  That's reliable.......riiiiggght. (BTW--i am "atheistprophet5760" on youtube, and I also made comments there.)

On the other hand, perhaps the Jews told the truth in the manuscript cited in the video. Perhaps  Jesus WAS a fake sorcerer, and was stoned to death.

According to the Dr.'s, if Jesus was accused of sorcery, then he must have actually performed miracles, because no one would be stoned to death for doing "fake" sorcery. I suppose the Dr.'s have never heard of the "witch burnings." Following the Dr.'s logic, the witches must have actually performed miracles, since they were accused of "sorcery." It could not be the case, according to the Dr.'s that they were midwives, spinners, and some were accused just for the heck of it-no miracles performed!

We can see how this "tradition of embellishment" works from the video.  Can you imagine how the Jews, who were enslaved the majority of the time, embellished their Talmud and other books in order to make themselves seem great and powerful, when in fact, they were not?  They had NO great empire, such as the Egyptians, Romans, Greek, Chinese, Ethiopians, etc. had.  They were nomads or slaves, and for a very brief period, they had a small, small, small "kingdom."  i.e. a small area of land of united tribes,  under a king.

To see exactly how badly the Jews "embellished" their text, see the video of "The Bible Unearthed."

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